Sunday, September 17, 2006


Technorati is for the serious blogger who wants other bloggers to find him. I'm not ready for that but it's been interesting to learn that by using technorati tags and claiming you blog you can expect more traffic (People reading your blog).

Using the keyword PLCMCL2 searching in blogposts I found 30 results; in tags I found 6 posts tagged PLCMCL2 and using the blog directory I found 3 blogs.

The results using the keyword Learning 2.0 produced the following results: In blogposts - 27,839; in tags 56 posts and in the blog directory 2 posts - including the PLCMC Core Competencies blog.

Technorati features most popular blogs which is an excellent tool if you are searching specific blogs. There are those who blog about cooking, shopping, hobbies, books, authors, life, food and drink, etc...Simply click on the tags button and you will find all the different categories. There's something for everyone in blogosphere.
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