Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Finding and Adding Feeds to Bloglines

I think Bloglines is terrific tool to subscribe to my favorite websites and blogs. The RSS feed icon which looks like this . When I visit a website I look for it. I visited the FoodTV website. At the bottom of the page I clicked on the icon which took me to a page that gave instructions to click the XML button next to the feed icon it read foodnetwork.com highlights. I was then taken to the page with all the computer codes and it was here that I highlighted the URL (web page address); choose edit to cut and then I went into my Bloglines account. Once you are there, click the add button. On the subscribe page paste the URL address. Don't forget to go to the bottom of the page to submit.

I explored Feedster the tool that helps you locate websites, blogs, news, podcasts to which you can subscribe. I got many results using this method and have added a couple of knitting and rubber stamping blogs to my bloglines.
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