Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pleats, Pleats, Pleats

During my recent visit to Connie's I burrowed her button punch.  It makes beautiful embossed buttons which can be used to decorate cards, tags, scrapbook pages.

Fabric and buttons are a good combination so I decided to decorate a tag using the two. To make the pleated panel, cut the fabric slightly larger than the tag.
Make pleats on the fabric and iron to create creases.
Use the tag as a guide to cut a piece that will fit on the tag.
I used a glue stick to position the pleated piece on the tag.
Sew around the edges using your sewing machine's zig zag stitch.
With the help of a stamp pad and a sponge I burnished the tag's edges. Sew the paper buttons on the tag.   It helps to pre punch the holes for the paper buttons before sewing to the tag.
I came across this fabric that mimics grass and created this cute tag. Go ahead and give this project a try.  This is definitely a beginner's project and super quick to complete.  So how do you use your fabric scraps?  Everyone has a stash so why not put them to work.

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