Sunday, June 20, 2010

A {Productive} Father's Day

Today ended up being a great day and Cliff and I decided to do something different to celebrate his special day.  Celebrations and good food go hand in hand and today was no exception.  We ate breakfast at the Golden Corral before going to church.  This is not my favorite place because there is so much food to choose from.  I was proud of myself for limiting my trips and my choice of the mushroom and cheese omelet with grits and crispy hash browns was delicious.  I did go back for fruit and juice.

We skipped lunch.  This afternoon I worked on cleaning the pantry.  I had quite a few expired items to throw away.  All this work wore me out and the large yellow squash begged to be cooked so I went to my favorite site and found a squash casserole recipe.  I was surprised who the cubed squash was still a little crunchy even after cooking for around 50 minutes.  I have to remember to either cut the squash in smaller pieces or to steam the squash.  I also made lentil soup which did not turned out as good as other times. ( I did not use a bouillon or chicken broth)

Then I started  thinking about the blackberries which I bought a few days ago and decided to make a cobbler.  I got brave and decided to make this recipe even though I did not have any cornstarch.  I was surprised how good it turned out but oh soooo sweeeet.  I can definitely reduce the amount of sugar used in the blackberry filling.
I normally don't eat this much but special times call for special treats.  Cliff was happy and grateful also for the opportunity to speak with Kevin who called from Germany and Andrea too.

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