Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Uptown Charlotte Visit with Kevin

On my day off last Friday me and Kevin took the light rail into town.  We parked on the South Boulevard exit station.  There is no charge for parking and it costs $3.00 for a round trip ticket.  It really is nice.   We walked the streets, indoor bridges of Uptown Charlotte.  Not sure if I'm giving those passages that connect the building the right name.  It's actually nice to get to where you want to go walking indoors since it can be very breezy and cold outside.  We never found the restaurant Kevin remembers eating at when he used to work at the Bobcats Arena.  He had not eaten mexican food in a long time, so we found Salsaritas and enjoyed delicious burritos.

After lunch, Cliff wanted us to join him and his two friends at Reid's.  On our way out I set the camera on the timer and took this picture.  Took a couple more pictures and then to my surprise a security guard walks outside to tell us taking pictures was not allowed.  This really made me kind of sad...how since 9-11 the quality of life is not quite the same.  Oh well., I had no idea and learned something that day.

Kevin does not like very much his picture taken.  I believe in preserving memories this way.

I don't think Kelly cares much about having his picture made either.  Cliff took this one.  He jokingly said that Taite, my grandson who has blue eyes was his kid....since he has blue eyes.  He can be very funny.

This is Aaron who has a terrific personality and as you can see in this picture can be silly but has a great sense of humor and a very uplifting personality.  One of his favorite places to eat is Reid's and Panera's which drives Cliff crazy.  Cliff is more a Golden Corral and Chinese Buffet type of person.

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