Saturday, October 17, 2009

Love the New Blogger Editor

Just discovered the new Blogger editor and I think it makes posting much easier.  For example, it places the images you upload right where your cursor is positioned, not at the very top. You do have to write your text while in the compose mode.  Then after you upload your picture it allows you to choose the image position and size.  You can switch to this new editor by going to your settings, scroll down to global settings.  Choose the new editor there.

This pretty crochet flower is a a sweet lady who is in her early thirties and told me she wanted it for herself.  I think she will look beautiful wearing it any way she chooses.

I will be making two other flowers in pink, she plans to give away for some special girls in her life.

More flowers ----- This five petal flower can be found in the book Crochet Adorned.  I love several projects in this book and I'm considering getting a copy.  I made these for a friend who will use them to embellish kids hats.

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