Sunday, October 11, 2009

Busy Day Off

I recently got the foam squares and blocking pins I ordered from Knit Picks. The set contains 7 11 inch squares. The squares connect so you can block pieces of different sizes. The squares come apart for easy storage. I'm in the process of making the cute owl I ordered from Amy Gaines. I just love owls. I used my favorite cotton yarn made by I Love This Cotton. Hobby Lobby carries this yarn. By the way it is on sale this week.
I would have finished this cute owl a long time ago but I've been busy completing some of my Etsy orders. One of my bestselling hats is the Lacy Crochet Hat which features a medium rose with leaves carefully sewn on the brim.
For sewing this roses, I especially like my needles which are bent at the tip. I recently also purchased a package of three for only $1.99 from Knit Picks. They really do make seaming a breeze. As you can see the owl does have many ends which have to be weaved.
This Lacy Crochet Hat was made especially for one of my customers, Betsy. It was made for her 8 month old baby girl.
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