Sunday, March 30, 2008

Extreme Ice Gym

PhotobucketThe Extreme Ice Gym was quiet and nearly empty this Sunday afternoon. Rob the trainer and two other members plus me and Cliff were present. I started my workout using the elliptical machine, then I worked out using some of the machines which have weights. I have to use the lowest weight available. I finished the workout using the treadmill.

Cliff has been enjoying going to the gym with me. He still maintains the machine he has been using at home can do most of the things the gym's machines do. He does like doing the cardio workout using the elliptical.

Here's Cliff trying to do pull ups.
Me working out the abs. It's actually easier to work the abdomen using this machine than doing it on the floor.
View of some of the machines.
Cliff on the treadmill.
More machines.

I set up the treadmill so I could brisk walk, with a slight inclination. Cliff said his feet felt funny after getting off the treadmill.
He seems to like the treadmill more than the elliptical. The elliptical does burn more calories, I think.


I'll be taking Zumba classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. It was neat to see some of the ladies who used to go to Ladies Workout Express again at this new gym.
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