Sunday, February 24, 2008

Visit to Williamston

Early Friday morning we headed out to spend the weekend at our daughter's house. It's so nice to be able to take these trips now that it only takes just over 4 hours instead of 9 plus hours it used to take when she lived in Ohio. Back then we did not see her and our beautiful grandchildren very often and this was hard on everyone.

Baby Blanket

On the way up I had my knitting with me. I have no trouble at all knitting in the car. The Knit Nuts Knitting group has decided to make baby blankets to donate to one of the hospitals in the are so I worked on my 5 inches. Connie started the blanket with a beautiful lacy stitch. I chose to do the reversible moss stitch. The theme of this blanket is clouds so all who work on this blanket will use different shades of blue and white. I also worked on the crochet strawberries I am making for a gift. Thanks Connie for your help. She still can't figure out how I was crocheting backwards. I am excited somehow the strawberries have taken shape. Pictures will be posted soon.

It's always so exciting to see our grandchildren. They are both a blessing and a joy. The first thing Caleb said when we arrived was "Nana I'm so happy to see you". He is so sweet and expresses himself so well. Taite, the baby is a hugger and he just opens up his little arms to receive love. He's talking his baby talk and we all talk back to him. I can clearly hear (what's that), "was da", "baw" (ball)

The weather did not cooperate; it was rainy, cold and gray most of the time with the exception of Sunday when it finally cleared up. So we spent time inside playing and pretending. Caleb has a wonderful imagination.

Caleb ready to jump onto mattress

The mattress on the guest room became a boat. There were sharks all around it. Here's Caleb getting ready to jump. He is also swimming out of the boat trying to stay away from the sharks.

Caleb pretending mattress is a boatNana and Caleb pretending with Carrots

Caleb is going through a picky stage of eating so it was great to see him eat a whole bag of mini carrots. He called him his fish and he shared them with me.

Taite loves his blankie, bottle and Mommy

Taite is very attached to his bottle, blankie and of course to his mommy. He's ready to go nite nite. The little guy is fighting another one of his colds.

Taite and Nana playing

Me and Taite playing with one of the many trucks they play with. I will miss you kids. Stay sweet and loving. Keep up the good work Andrea and thanks again for the the super job you did designing the header and background of my blog. Just Love it :-)
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