Sunday, February 17, 2008

The New Grand Gathering Table

PhotobucketAfter months for searching for the right table for our kitchen we decided to get this Gathering table, that's the name by which it is known at the World Market Place. I had looked at it a few months ago but decided to wait a while until it went on sale. I go in this store every now and then just because I like to browse. A couple of weeks ago after work I went to Michael's to get something and decided to stop at the Market Place. To my surprise I found out that that was the last day of the Furniture sale which had been going on for weeks. Can't believe I almost missed the sale. As you can see the table is tall and so are the bar stools. They call these tables Pub tables. Caleb will require his little stool to get up and down or I may have to set some other small table for the grandkids.

PhotobucketIt is different sitting up high. Cliff makes fun at me because my legs dangle up in the air. There is a bar on which I can rest my feet. One nice thing about this table is that it has an attached leaf that expands the size of the table.
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