Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Purly Valentine Swap

The Charlotte Purls February 9 meeting took place at the Bear Rock Cafe in the University area. This meeting was extra special because we brought the exchange gifts for our Purly Valentine. From the very beginning I knew I had gotten a very special person. Early on my Purly left me a $20.00 gift certificate at the Cottage Yarn. How cool and thoughtful was that gesture. I kept wondering who could have done such a nice thing??? No clue. I've heard a few of the ladies in the group say that they have shopped at this yarn shop.

My Purly was none other than my very best knitting buddy with whom I'm learning so much. Look here.

Take a look at the wonderful gifts that Connie so carefully selected and made for me. I'll always remember her thoughtfulness and I'm just blessed that she got me. I got the cutest lamb stitch markers, a special tool to pick stitches called the seed stitcher, locking stitch markers, card making supplies, Mini notes, designer collection tissues, Pink Hot chocolate, cupid candy corn, beautiful felted coasters, heart shaped crochet dishcloth. She also got me a special bug I can use to sign my e-mails.

These are the gifts before we opened them.
A newborn Purl.
View of the Bear Rock Cafe.
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