Monday, February 18, 2008


Hello everyone, thought I'd make a short post. Many of you might not know me or have heard of my though my parents. I joined the Air Force last year as sort of a spontanious thing, word to the wise... if your kids suddenly want to join the Military make sure they are 100% genuine about it and are educated on what they get themselves into. There are a lot of committments both in life one has to make, its not for everyone. It's what a person makes of us, typically unless you go to the Academy to be a Officer you are sent though basic training (BOOT Camp), this teaches you just that... the basics on the customs and courtesies of the Military. It's basically on a much higher level to than the real world Air Force. No one marches down the road in the real Air Force, no one has chow runners or someone yelling in there face while they try to eat, no one yells at you were folding your cloths wrong in your room. All that stuff is to teach discipline I guess.

I'm currently serving under the AFSC (career) of Security Forces which basically provides the Law Enforcement and Aerospace Security Arm of the Air Force, you can google or search youtube for videos about what we do. But most of those promotional videos you see about the job are totally false and give a wrong impression imo.

If anyone wants to entertain me with question about the military please feel free to send me a email at I check this address frequently, even more than my .mil address simply because of ease of use.

ps... My mom sent me a knitting book for baby booties. If you want to your son to commit social suicide tell him to bring knitting supplies on post.
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