Friday, November 16, 2007

Yarn, Coffee, Cute Baby, Great Fellowship.....

What can be more fun than meeting with ladies who love to knit and enjoy delicious coffee? I recommend the Cafe au Lait (hot coffee with steamed milk) at Dilworth Coffee House. The medium size was only $2.50.

I believe all the ladies have met through Ravelry (the knitting social network site). I have not been contacted yet so I'm on the waiting list. My
daughter said I could use her password to get in and explore. Ha..ha...Thank you Andrea. By the way my daughter is doing quite well with her knitting. She left my house this past Thursday morning with a large zip lock bag of yarn I gave her. She will be working on simple knit & purl combinations to create dishcloths.

Michelle's baby Samantha is adorable. She is our baby model so we can try our knitted baby things. I knitted the white cap with the chicks she is wearing. We all loved having her around. The knitted pirate is Barnacle Bill. He is amazing; even more amazing is the fact that he was knitted by someone who has not been knitting long. I love him.
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