Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Misty Rain Walk

Misty Rain WalkI find it very relaxing to take walks during my lunch or dinner hour.  The weather has turned cold again and even though it was misting a little bit I managed to get out of the Library building.  It's really invigorating to come close in contact with nature especially after 4 + hours of Library work.
Now that I take one picture a day as part of the Flickr Project 365 challenge I always have an excuse to take walks and find subjects to photograph.

Layers and Layers of Termite Damage

Old Pine Tree
 Old Pine Tree
Old Pine Tree
 This log is completely covered in moss.  So beautiful!
Log Covered with Moss
 This tree Lichen is as bright as it looks.  I love the beautiful shade of green.
Pretty Bright Green Lichen
This walk was particularly special today and it did wonders to refresh me.  I'm so glad I did take the walk even on this misty day.
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