Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mooseltoe Creations

When I saw the cover of the book Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini I was automatically drawn to it. One of my goals at work was facilitating a children's craft program. I love to craft and immediately saw great possibilities and inspiration by reading the book. I think children books are not only for children, most will agree. The illustrations in this book are fabulous and the story itself is very funny.

I was hoping the children would respond to this story the way I did.  I'm not totally convinced they really liked the story as much as I did.  Maybe the strange super long moose's mustache was too much for them.  I told them we would be making our own mooseltoe creation and they did get excited about this.

The trick to crafting with children is to keep it simple since they have a shorter attention span. For the crafts they used, construction paper, markers, glue stick, scissors, beads, foam stickers and googly eyes. They cut out the moose and embellished it using the foam stickers and stringing beads.
I told you the moose had a super long mustache.
This one glued the mustache upside down...kind of makes the moose look
Mooseltoe with the right side up mustache.
Asel begged me to use stamps...I let him stamp a star on the back of his cards.
I was worn out after this program.  I'm really glad the group was small.  I have a special appreciation and respect for my coworkers who work around children 40 hours a week.  Still it was a fun change of pace and allowed me to experience and share my love of crafting and creating with children.

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