Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fall Festival at West End Baptist Church

Last night we went to the West End Baptist Church where Travis my son in law is the pastor.  The kids are very much into super heroes.  The church had games and activities for the children in the community.  Caleb and Taite have a sweet tooth just like their daddy...mommy too, I guess.  Travis said they just wanted to sit down and eat candy.  Taite, wearing the blue cape was Batman and Caleb Spiderman.  Taite worked hard trying to open his Smarties.


Caleb - Spider Man
Isn't he the cutest Batman you ever saw.  I think he's trying to open his smarties in the picture too.

Eating the Hot Dog supper

Andrea painted lots of kids faces---at least one adult lady. 

Internet is slow -- More pictures later on....

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