Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cocoons Delight Photographers and Babies Too

My knitting and crochet always travel with me.  That's the beauty of these two and I love the fact of its portability.  Cocoons are popular with photographers and my daughter shared with me that they are to be used with premies or newborns up to 2 weeks when it's easier to manipulate them.  I call this green one, Mossy Cocoon.
This one is made with the same type yarn in Taupe.  The yarn is rustic looking yet very soft which will delight baby.

Same design, different green color yarn, very soft to the touch.  This yarn is also very stretchy.  Cocoon measures unstretched 17" but will stretch to more than 20".  I am pleased with the different color accents that this yarn offers.

This is the oval cocoon made with easy care chunky acrylic yarn.

Inside view of the Oval Cocoon

This beautiful picture was taken by my daughter.  She used the mossy cocoon.

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