Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall is all Around and in my Thoughts

The other day on my way to Showmars, I picked up the cutest acorn. This one was still green, fresh from the huge acorn tree that is next to the Library. I could not resist buying the Fall Issue of Crochet Today, because it hat the cutest pattern to make an acorn.
I worked on the tiny leaf while I looked at a new recipe for Canneloni I want to try.
I stitched the little leaf to the top of the acorn.
After completing Acorn #1, I decided to modify the pattern and made two other smaller sizes.

The top of the acorn is separate so the acorn can be used to store candy or a small gift. The green is a pretty close color match. I used Vanna's choice yarn in Pea Green. The leaf was also worked on another shade of green. The top was worked using Knit Picks brown wool.

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