Monday, September 21, 2009

20 Years Ago......Experiencing Hurricane Hugo

Experiencing a natural disaster like Hurricane Hugo is something that stays in your mind forever. I remember most of the details...Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary. The night before it hit, I went to bed like any other day. I had no worries...and slept until around 5 a.m. Back then, I used to sleep through the night...LOL...Cliff did stay up for part of the night. He awoke around 1:00 a.m...I guess we really should all have been staying somewhere in the middle section of the house. We really did survive Hurricane Hugo.
The side of the house got hit by a real tall pine.

We were without power for about 8 days and like many others ended up throwing away food. That's Andrea taking a look at some of the food we were getting rid off. I still don't know why we put that food outside on the deck, instead of throwing it away right away....Oh well...maybe we were taking pictures for insurance purposes.
My son Kevin was around 7 and like many kids his enjoyed the little vacation from school.
The back of our house 20 years after Hurricane Hugo.
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