Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Short and Visit with the Grandkids - Day Two

On our second day we visited a real neat place called Deadwood which has a restaurant and rides for kids and adults. Caleb holds to ticket for the train ride. Notice Taite wore his Batman cape. The owners of this Deadwood in Williamston have recreated a western town set back in the 1870s. The original tv series Deadwood was located in South Dakota.

The Train we Rode

What is it about Roller Coasters that make us laugh - really laugh out loud. Me and Caleb rode it first and Taite who just made the 36" height allowed begged to ride it. Brave little guy he is. He was squished in the middle and I had to make sure he did not slide down. This was a real shaky ride. This fun ride cost $2.00 per rider. Taite was free.
Caleb could have gone on the roller coaster ride more times, I'm sure. He had such a good time watching other people on the ride.

Me and Andrea

Cliff and Travis relaxing. I'm not sure if they would have fit in the roller coaster cart.

Forgot to mention that during our train ride, we saw skeletons, coffins, Indian tepees, aliens and their space ships, alien monsters....What fun....I'm sure I'll be going back to this place.
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