Sunday, July 12, 2009

There's Something About Monkeys that Appeals to Me

The moment I saw these adorable fabric Sock Monkey buttons I knew I would put them to use. I purchased them form SassyBelleButtons. The first time I purchased, I ordered the wrong kind. I assumed all fabric covered buttons were for sewing. Steph was very understanding and she shipped the kind I needed at no cost. She sells these buttons for sewing and also plain with nothing on the back, so they can be used for decorating cards or scrapbooks.

This card will make someone special smile on their birthday. It makes me smile and reminds me of my childhood. I added a little stitching touch -- just because, it's what I love to do most. Thank you Connie for the papers. I was able to make quite a few since you gave me lots of it.

The neat felt ribbon was a Michael's find.

The monkeys look cute anywhere and I made no mistake choosing to adorn the seven petal daisy on this crochet headband. This flower looks larger on this baby doll. It measures two and half inches wide.

Surfing Monkey Baby Headband
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