Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Easy Does It Dinner

One of the easiest side dishes I find is baked potatoes, cottage fries, oven baked fries....they go by any of these names. We also called them Papas at my house. Papas - is the spanish word.

I must say that using the Bar Pan stone from Pampered Chef makes all the difference in cooking these. The red things you see in the picture is a roasted red pepper which I cooked by itself whole while the potatoes were cooking.

Lets call these:
Chili and Cumin Oven Fries

Scrub well your potatoes and do not peel. Cut them in any shape you like but not too thin.

In a small bowl combine 1 tsp each of cumin powder and chili powder. Add some salt and pepper. You may use more of these spices depending on the amount of potatoes. You can also substitute and use curry powder instead of the cumin. Coat the potatoes well with the spices. Spray your pan with Pam. Drizzle olive oil on the potatoes. Cook them in a 450 degree oven until they get brown and sizzle.
Our dinner plate tonight also included fresh corn from Walmart and baked tilapia.
The corn was only 25 cents an ear and it was super sweet.

I did not mind cooking this meal....doing the dishes was as always a chore. Probably took longer to clean up everything...

Good night...It's late and I'm tired from all this writing.
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