Sunday, January 06, 2008

We said "Bon Boyage" to Kevin's car

The visit to Charleston, South Carolina went well. Our main objective was to deliver Kevin's Pontiac to the Vehicle Shipping Company. We were relieved to know we had all the paperwork in order. The hardest part was to use up the gas in the tank since the car could not be delivered/shipped if it had more than one quarter of gas. Cliff miscalculated and thought for sure we would use all the gas but this is a good fuel efficient car. He tried numerous times to siphon out the gas with a narrow hose he bought at a Boat shop we came across. He was not able to do so. So after doing the initial paperwork, we drove and went to a Chinese restaurant as directed by the GPS. We ate lunch, then we drove and drove across a real pretty bridge and nearby roads. Cliff did not want to be too far away from the place, since they told us to be back by 3:00 p.m. He said maybe they would close the gate, and then that would not be good. Then he said he was wearing himself with all the driving. W went back to the Shipping place and Cliff talked to a lady and asked if she could do something to help us. At this point the gas gauge needle was over 1/8 of a tank from the required 1/4. She was very understanding and helpful and said it would be ok that the car was over the gas amount required.

We decided not to stay over night but did take a ride and took a walk to check out the houses and gardens. Along the way we met a mean squirrel. She let us know that she was not happy with us walking through her nice park. Check out those sharp teeth. I had never seen squirrel's teeth so close. We left her alone. Who knows, she could have jumped on us or something.
The Mean Squirrel

Some more pictures here:

Enormous Tree

Beautiful court yard.
Mean squirrel's park.
Pretty pink house.
The cannons

I was proud of Cliff not complaining too much during our walk. He always under dresses when it's cold. What is it about men that wont wear gloves or use scarves? I guess he put up with the cold walk to see the palms he loves so much. There are plenty of those in Charleston.

Beautiful Street in Charleston

This majestic tree was quite a sight. Maybe the keeper of this beautiful tree was the mean squirrel.
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