Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Birthday Celebration

January can be a tough month for many especially if you don't like winter. There seems to be more sickness around us during this month too. People who suffer from cabin fever have a hard time. My birthday takes place during the coldest part of the winter or so I think. My beautiful daughter did something very special and I give her credit and admire her. She drove all the way from Williamston to visit and be with me with me during my birthday. She is very thoughtful and knew I would enjoy being around the grandkids. What a great birthday gift this was. I enjoyed every minute of their visit.

It is our custom to eat out to celebrate birthdays. We decided to eat at Jimmy's but the place was closed. Then we drove to Showmars; it was also closed. We ended up at Panera's. Both me and Andrea love it. Cliff doesn't get excited at all. So we did found a Panera's open and Cliff who had been working on a call joined us. The food was delicious. Their green tea is my favorite. I ordered their creamed tomato soup and shared with Taite. I believe this is when I caught a bug.


Caleb enjoyed his Wendy's Chicken Nuggets and some of Nana's green tea.


I send you my love and thanks for making my birthday memorable.

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