Monday, August 30, 2010

Latest Owl Happenings

As you well know, I knit owls...and it makes me happy.  I keep coming up with ideas and I'm discovering that the possibilities are endless.  That is what is so neat about crafting and creating.  Once I get an idea or an inspiration my brain begins to work.  Recently, Nancy my friend and ex circulation manager at Mint Hill Branch Library said Emma and Marie had requested a purple owl and a blue owl.  Nancy is Emma's and Marie's grandmothers.

Chloe and Zoe were made my special request.  They were knitted using bright cotton yarn which I'm sure the girls will love.  The girls also requested hats, so I designed the newsboy cap.  I added the purses.  Girl owls need purses, don't you agree?
I have redesigned the talons and Chloe had surgery this morning.  The owls stand up on their own.
Chloe after her talon surgery.
Remember the bright eyed blue eyed owl I was working on?
He is finished.  I name him Theo and he is ready to go back to Owl school.  He wants to get He will soon be listed on my Etsy shop.  Theo is my first blue eyed owl.
Theo and I would like to wish all those going back to school and all the home school moms including my daughter all  the best.

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