Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shopping Experiences this Weekend

I finally made it to the two stores that cater to the Asian and Hispanic community. Our first stop was at Super G Mart International Food. It is located in the old Bi-Lo store on Independence Blvd near Margaret Wallace.  There also used to be a Best Buy store in the same shopping center. The majority of the people shopping were orientals...and I was mainly really impressed at the large amount of produce (fruits and vegetables)....some I had never seen before.
How is this for a fruit?  It's the Jack Fruit and it's the largest known fruit in existence.  Cliff said this one weighed around 30 lbs.  Wish I could have sampled some.  I intend to read more about this huge fruit.  Compare Food also carries this huge specimen.  It is sold by the pound.
Not sure if this is a fruit or a vegetable.  I think it's a fruit and it's not 59 cents each but the pound.
Read about it here.
The eggplants were so beautiful and quite abundant.  I will definitely buy some when I run out.  We have had eggplant growing all summer in our garden.
Our next stop was at the Compare Food Store.  This is the one I was more interested in going since it carries latin/hispanic food. Their produce section was not quite as large as the first store we visited.  The fruit selection was good and they carry my favorites, papayas, mangoes, beautiful limes, plantains, etc...and some fruit I had never seen before.  This one was not labeled and I have never seen it in Panama.  Very pretty to look at bright and colorful. The spice wall was immense as you can see in the background.
Checking out our items.  I only bought items I'm not able to get at my regular stores, such as plantain chips, green plantains, yucca, Masarepa (for making corn tortillas) and papaya. I am planning to prepare the  yucca today.  I would definitely do more shopping at this store in the future.

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