Saturday, August 22, 2009

5 Day Vacation

Family Group Picture
Took five days off work to spend time with Andrea, Travis and the grand kids. The direct trip to Delaware is painfully long so it's much better when we stay at Andrea's overnight and then continue the journey to Delaware to visit Cliff's parents.

Cliff and his Dad celebrate his 88 th birthday
Cliff was delighted to join his family to celebrate his Dad's 88th birthday.

Took the kids to Bethany Beach but for some reason they just ended up playing in the sand and were not interested at all in the water. I don't blame them, the beaches up north are not the same. Let's just say the water is a few degrees colder.

Bethany Beach, Delaware
Taite loved picking up the sand and running around.

Taite in Bethany Beach

Caleb could not get enough of this....wore his Daddy out.
Caleb Flying
Got lots of loving from this little guy. He steals everyone's heart. I never thought I would ever have a blue eye blond grandson.
Me and Taite at Bethany Beach - Delaware

Taite on the Board Walk at Bethany Beach.

Bethany Beach Board Walk

Caleb has gotten so dark this summer. He was not his normal self around these northern waters according to his daddy. I guess he needed to be around his friends to enjoy the water.

Bethany Beach
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