Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas in Williamston, North Carolina

This Christmas was very special because I got to spend time with my daughter Andrea and the two sweetest grandkids, Caleb and Taite.

Cliff and I traveled very early on Christmas day to Louisburg, NC to take part of the Christmas Breakfast at the other grandparent's house. We were treated to a delicious breakfast. Travis read the Christmas story from the book of Matthew and the children waited with excitement in their eyes to open the gifts.

Cliff left the day after Christmas but I got to stay to play and get my share of hugs and kisses - this is a wonderful gift and blessing in itself. Caleb did pick up a bug on Christmas day and I witnessed a lot of washing of sheets, floors, carpets, etc... Oh Caleb also fell back from one of the riding toys and had to be taken to Emergency. Luckily the wound required no stitches and healed quite fast. What a week!! Sure to be remembered.

Riding the train back from Rocky Mount was a new experience for me. I got a lot of knitting done. It was actually very relaxing and the trip took around 5 hours.

My daughter's christmas tree.
Taite loved the Clementines.
Father and Daughter sharing a sweet moment.
Taite doing what one year olds do...He's too cute.
Caleb love opening presents--sounds so sweet.

Riding the train was nice - I was on the Business Class so I was very comfortable and even got complimentary coffee and water. The Cafe car was right behind me and I ate supper there.Knitting on board Amtrak Train
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