Thursday, September 27, 2007

Beautiful but Dry Fall Day

I sure do hope it rains soon. It's getting hard to keep the garden looking good with the lack of rain. Plants can survive when they are being watered but they do so much better with rain. It's the first time since we have lived in Charlotte (1981) that the city of Charlotte has imposed mandatory water restrictions. We are not on city water but I've heard from people say that wells can also run dry. I have to keep an eye on Cliff who waters to keep plants and grass green.

Cliff pulled the Black Eye Susans and lined the flower bed with brick pavers. It looks good. Took some pictures this afternoon in the garden. We have one of those spiders that weaves and this afternoon I came home from work to find an anole lizard caught in her web. Not sure if the spider could eat it. A section of the lizard's tale was already shriveled. I set him free, of course. I tried to take a picture of the spider but she got nervous with my presence and kept moving/bouncing on her web.

Bumble bee on Sedum.
The Hibiscus don't seem to mind the drought.
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