Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Great News Received - A New Grandson

My daughter's labor started sometime yesterday in the afternoon. What an exciting time. She has been so good keeping up to date with the latest developments. I am thankful for that since she is not in our town.

Travis's phone call came in before midnight with the birth announcement. I was asleep; in the morning I found out that Tate Ezekiel had made it's arrival...Mother and baby are doing well. Now we'll just have to wait a little before we can hold this bundle of blessing from the Lord.

I worked on a Welcome Card for Tate which will be sent this morning along with a gift for baby.

What Are Little Boys Made Of?

Boys are mad of chuckles & grins,

Tousled hair and banged-up shins,

Things with wheels & frogs in pockets

Questions, baseball caps, & rockets;

They're joy & mischief, fun & noise-

That's how it is – boys will be boys!
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