Sunday, October 01, 2006

Judy's Book - A Web 2.0 Tool

Judy's Book is a website which was rated second in the Classifieds and Business Category. It's a fairly new site made up of members from all throughout the United States and the amount of information which can be obtained in it varies from city to city. For instance smaller towns have less members so I did not find as much information.

This site would be useful for a newcomer who is looking for general information about the area. The site offers local information about businesses, restaurants, salons, music.,etc... I think it's neat that the restaurant reviews are written by people living in the area. There is a place for sharing your own opinion/comment about the review. As I said I think that due to the fact that it is a new site, I only found two reviews about Mexican restaurants in the Charlotte area. Maybe I'll join and express my opinion about one of my favorite restaurants "Azteca".

Judy's Book allows members to meet other members and they can share their experiences, questions about any given topic, favorite doctors, restaurants, businesses, etc... in the blog feature.
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