Sunday, April 03, 2011

A Visit to the Carolina Raptor Center

The weather was perfect for today's visit to the Carolina Raptor Center which is located inside the Latta Plantation Nature Preserve. I had been there more than 20 years ago when the Center which cares for injured birds of prey was being established.

Signs at Carolina Raptor Center

I did not take many pictures of the birds in cages. I did managed to take this one of Mathilda a majestic Great Horned Owl, who is also part of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole exhibit.

Mathilda Great Horned Owl

We walked the trails and came upon this neat illustration on how to draw an owl. Might have to try that someday.

How To Draw an Owl
You could purchase Owl pellets in the Gift Shop.  You might wander what these are.  I did not know but owls regurgitate what they eat.

Owl Pellets

A close look at a dissected owl pellet will reveal what they eat. Owls need to consume bird or rodent bones to get calcium. That is why an Owl as cute as they are should never be kept as pets.
Owl Pellet Dissected

We finished walking the trails with one to spare before the Bird show so we walked back to the car and relaxed in the car. My souvenir Plush Owls perched on the Sunroof look so adorable. I want to keep them but not this time.
Plush Hoot Owls

The Volunteer in charge of the Bird Show was fantastic and quite knowledgeable of the Daytime Eating Birds of Prey. Here she educates the audience about the Cooper's Hawk.

A Volunteer Holding a Cooper's Hawk

This Peregrine Falcon is around 7 years old and suffered injury to one of its wings. It's a little sad to see a beautiful bird like this achieve sustained flight. She assured everyone they have a good life at the Center and get quite used to living around people.

Peregrine Falcon * Falco Peregrinus

Last but not least the Red Tailed Hawk has been a resident at CRC more than 20 years.

Red Tailed Hawk * Buteo Jamaicensis
The admission to the Carolina Raptor Center is affordable and well worth what you will experience during your visit.

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