Monday, May 06, 2013

These were Fun and quick to make!

I took a break from making crochet owls and even though I am not a butterfly person....I thought these turned out cute and are super quick to make.  I used them to embellish a mini card which measures less than 3 inches.  I intend to use these as thank you, birthday, encouragement cards and also when I give someone a gift.  I have a friend who even likes to frame some of  the cards I have given her.  Nice to know that someone really appreciates a handmade card.  This afternoon I worked on writing down the pattern and you will see the link at the end of the post. You will need to know how to make what is called a magic circle and there are plenty of You Tube videos which show you how to do this.
From this - At this point the butterfly does not have a body.

To this -  The red butterfly was made using Paton's Grace Yarn This yarn is ideal for butterfly wings!! The natural color ones were made with thin cotton twine I found at a Hardware store.
Here is the pattern:

Monday, April 22, 2013

Make Someone Happy!

So, it has been a long time since I have posted anything.  I am back and I would like to share what I did this morning.  It is always a joy to craft on my Monday off from work. I found all the supplies I needed in my craft room and after months of not stamping anything I decided to use some very old Stampin' Up stamps.

To give it a more aged/vintage look to the tags, I burnished the edges using a sponge.

I used a stamp set and the sentiments were too long to fit in the tag.  The solution was to stamp and then cut out the words to fit the tag. Tie some ribbon to your tag. Glue words unto the tags using a glue stick or double stick tape if you have any.  I have enjoyed using the wrinkled ribbon I ordered from Etsy.
To secure the tag to my card, I used mounting tape so it would stand out nicely.
This card is super fast to make.  All you need for the front is a slightly smaller piece of scrapbook paper.  I have embellished this one with a Puff Stitch Crochet Flower. The Pattern is from this Crafty lady's blog. I used cotton twine and a C Crochet hook to make my flower and affixed it to the card using a button brad.  You can find those at Hobby Lobby in the scrap-booking department.
The Crochet Butterfly pattern was a Pinterest pin. There was no pattern but the crochet diagram was easy to follow.

Crochet Butterfly

Make a magic circle and work all stitches inside this circle.  Ch 6, work 1 double treble, 2 trebles, 1 dc, ch3, sl st in circle.  Ch3, 1 dc, 1 treble, ch4, sl st in circle, ch4, 1 treble, 1 dc, ch3, sl st in circle, ch3, 1 dc, 2 trebles, 1 double treble, ch6, sl st in circle.  Pull beginning tail to close the magic circle.  Wrap this tail a few times around the center ti make the butterfly body, tie the two tails together to make the antennae.  Color the antennae using a black sharpie marker.  Tip: Place butterfly on wax paper while applying the glue.  Make a knot at the end of each tail.  Cover the antennae using Elmer's glue to stiffen.