Sunday, May 08, 2011

I'm Still Knitting Wee Little Critters

I hope everyone has enjoyed a very special Mother's Day.  I enjoyed mine doing what I love best these days knitting a Wee Lil Birdie.
This little bird is knitted in the round using double point needles.  I really like how the beak came.  You will need a basic knowledge of crochet to make the beak.  I tried hard creating a knitted beak but found that it was much easier using a crochet hook.
The legs are made by making an I-cord which two stitches in the needle.  You can actually attach the yarn to the bottom of the bird and begin knitting.  This step eliminates attaching the leg with a yarn needle.  To pick up the stitches use a crochet hook and then mount on the double point needles.
After completing the leg I found it lots easier to make the toes also using a crochet hook.
The toes are all hooked to the I cord and are made by chaining three and then slip stitching three.  This bird only has three toes.
I hope you do try to make this bird.  I must caution that due to all the techniques I use it is not a project for beginners.  There is some degree of difficulty.
Here's red birdie made earlier this week.
I have written the pattern and you can download a free copy here:
If you have any questions....please don't hesitate  to leave a comment.

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