Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our First Night out in Aviano

We took it easy our first Sunday since we were so tired after the long plane ride. Our nice dark rooms in the apartment were just right for a nice nap. We both did rest some, we had not slept at all in the plane. It's amazing how much a good night rest is needed.

Sunday evening Kevin drove us around Pordenone and Aviano, the two nearest towns to Aviano Air base. We stopped at a restaurant which had a fixed menu, that is for 12 euros all courses were included including the wine.

Hearty Bean soup, a salad and wine was just what I needed.

Kevin enjoyed a pasta dish, a meat dish and patata fritta (french fries minus ketchup) You don't get any ketchup in Italy.

I usually do not order desserts after a meal but I could pass this delicious Tiramisu.

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