Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My 24th Thing

This week I attended the workshop "The 24th Thing and Beyond."

During this workshop all in attendance participated in groups. On the first exercise we had to list "E" words that described libraries. PLCMC's mission already contains three of them Enriching, Empowering & Expanding. Other words used to describe libraries were "energizing, excellence, educating, elevating, etc...

In the other exercises we were challenged to list strategies to continue putting to use what we learned doing the 23 things. We also had to talk about how technology could benefit not only staff but also borrowers.

Helene B. gave us an assignment at the end to choose our 24th thing to work on.

Knitting is my favorite hobby so for my 24th thing I have decided to create a blog to report what takes place during our "Stitch In" sessions. I think it will be good to communicate with other libraries which also offer these meetings and find out what everyone is doing.

I have already begun taking pictures and I am excited to jump into this new adventure.
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