Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paper Bunting Card

To make this very easy card, you will need scrap booking paper, paper from a discarded book, white cardstock (for the card), glue stick, an awl, a marker with a fine tip, double stick tape, a punch to cut the little flower, a small circle punch to cut the two circles for the flowers and twine.

From white card stock cut a piece that measures 5-1/2" by 8-1/2".  Fold in half.  Cut another piece from scrapbook paper which measures 4" by 5-1/2".  Use small pieces of double stick tape and center scrapbook paper piece on top of the white card.  The pennant shape pieces are made from a piece of scrapbook paper and from pages from an old discarded book.  Cut this pieces t o measure 4" by 1-3/8".  Fold each piece in half using the glue stick to hold in half.  Using scissors  cut into a pennant shape.  Place the four pieces and secure to the card using the glue stick. 
Using an awl puncture two small holes right next to the pennant shapes.  Do this on each side.
Using a blunt needle thread a piece of twine and tie into a bow.
Embellish the card with flowers cut with a punch and using a fine tip marker write the sentiment.
The Finished Card
Some more cards using the same materials and technique:


Sunday, May 08, 2011

I'm Still Knitting Wee Little Critters

I hope everyone has enjoyed a very special Mother's Day.  I enjoyed mine doing what I love best these days knitting a Wee Lil Birdie.
This little bird is knitted in the round using double point needles.  I really like how the beak came.  You will need a basic knowledge of crochet to make the beak.  I tried hard creating a knitted beak but found that it was much easier using a crochet hook.
The legs are made by making an I-cord which two stitches in the needle.  You can actually attach the yarn to the bottom of the bird and begin knitting.  This step eliminates attaching the leg with a yarn needle.  To pick up the stitches use a crochet hook and then mount on the double point needles.
After completing the leg I found it lots easier to make the toes also using a crochet hook.
The toes are all hooked to the I cord and are made by chaining three and then slip stitching three.  This bird only has three toes.
I hope you do try to make this bird.  I must caution that due to all the techniques I use it is not a project for beginners.  There is some degree of difficulty.
Here's red birdie made earlier this week.
I have written the pattern and you can download a free copy here:
If you have any questions....please don't hesitate  to leave a comment.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Crafting

I checked out this book and found a neat book  to make using the subscription inserts that come in magazines. So this is why I'm calling the post Earth Day Crafting since I am repurposing.  The instructions for the Custom Bound Books is on page 64. You can really use any size or type of paper you have on hand.

 You will need 10 pieces of paper.  Three pieces will be for the pages of the book, Four pieces will work as connectors, two pieces for  the title pages and one piece will be used to create the books spine.
 Step 1 {Make the pages for the book}
Fold one short end to the middle not creasing the middle section
Do this on the other short side.   Fold three pieces in this manner. Your paper now looks like this:
 Now fold the short sides again to the middle.
 Step 2 {Make  the Connectors}
Fold in the same way as for the pages but fold one of the sides overlapping the other side by 1/8 of an inch.  The connectors will be 1/8" smaller.
Step 3 {Make the covers}  You will need two pieces of paper and these pieces are folded the same way you folded the pages.
Step 4 {Make the Spine}  You will need one piece of paper to make the spine.  Fold this piece the same way you folded the connectors.  Arrange your pieces of paper in order before joining them.
Step 5 - Join the pages to the connectors by slipping the connector into the page making sure all the open edges are all on the same side.  Join in this manner:
1 connector, 1 page, 1 connector, 1 page, 1 connector, 1 page ending with 1 connector.
Now join a cover to each side.
Step 6 {Fold the book in accordion style}
The opposite side of the accordion looks like this:
The pages of the book
Step 7 {Use the last piece of paper to make the spine by......
Slipping into the two covers.   I applied a small amount of glue to the spine piece facing you.
The finished book.
This little book is perfect for jotting down Memory verses.

I also made a birthday card booklet using this technique.  I used 8-1/2 by 11 inches paper.  Keep in mind that the connectors will not be seen so you can use paper that has some writing.  You can even pre print your pieces of paper to make a mini scrapbook.  This I am going to try next.  The pretty illustrations on this birthday card booklet are from the Graphics Fairy.  For a more finished spine, you can cut a piece of paper and glue to the spine. I used a piece of magazine paper to make the spine strip.
'Till we meet again....


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seed Starters from Newspapers

Spring Fever has caused me to go on a planting spree!  I decided this year to try growing some of my plants from seeds.  It really can save you some money if you don't mind the little extra work  that is involved.  It's actually very exciting to see a plant develop from seed.  With a little tender loving care you can be successful.  This first picture shows some of my Cherry Tomato Plants.  I can't wait for these to grow and start producing tomatoes.  The seeds were free and came from the Lost and Found from Mint Hill Library.

To plant seeds you need little containers.  I planted the first seeds in March and I was not successful since the temperature in my house was still a little too cool and the plants that began to develop were super thin.  The ones I planted in April have done much better.  The little seed starter boxes I made were made using newspaper.
 Step 1: Cut your newspaper to measure 9 inches square.

2. Fold the paper in a diagonal on all four sides.
3. Fold all four points to the middle where the two previous diagonals intercept.
Your paper should look like this:
4. Divide the square paper into thirds by eyeballing and fold up all four sides.
Your paper should look like this.  Don't forget to do this on two sides.
5. This is  tricky.  Hope you  can do it.  Fold two sides up along the previous creases made.

6.  After folding up first side bring the flap towards the inside of the box
Tuck folded side inside box and use your fingers to crease so flap stays put nicely.
Fold in the same way the other side.
The finished box should look like this.  Don't worry if the sides are not super even.  You will be using these to plant seeds and once you start watering they will be misshapen anyway.
You can plant these seed starters directly into the ground.
Happy Happy Gardening