Monday, August 25, 2014

Visit to the Augusta Farmer's Market

We enjoyed visiting the Saturday Market On The River in Augusta GA.

It is a nice size market and you will find not only produce or food but numerous craft vendors.

One of the participants shared that this market stays open pretty much all year even during the winter.

Adults and children enjoy the fountain (geyser style)  and it feels wonderful to be sprinkled on a hot day like this.  
This booth was popular...but it is not my thing.  What do you think?  I really came for the veggies.
Smile!! Cliff.  It's not going to happen.  He does not like his picture taken anymore.  Just past this sign at the end you can view the beautiful Savannah River.
Too hot for these beautiful Greyhounds too.  I am not a dog person so I did not investigate but I think these are for adoption.

Cliff got away from the crowd and enjoyed a view of the river and the ducks!
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