Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer is All I Want

What a great summer it has been so far!  I will take Summer anytime and I don't complain much of the heat.  Growing up in a hot and humid country has something to do.  During my last visit to the Grand Kids....I sure did enjoy swimming and cooling off in their neighborhood pool.  The only missing in the picture is Reed.  He decided he did not want to join in.  On the second pool day he finally did come in when he saw another baby in the pool (a baby girl, that is).  So cute but I have no pictures to show.
One of those days at the pool "Papa" Cliff brought the kids lunch from Wendy's.
This made Reed happy as you can see.  He sure has a more significant amount of hair as the summer goes and it looks so cute standing up.
One of my Summer time pleasures and destinations is the Farmer's Market.  Woodstock's proved to be a very nice even though we did not stay  very long since Andrea can't take the heat like I can.

The kids were very well behaved and went along not once complaining.  It is so nice to enjoy their company during our excursions outdoors.  Later on....this stops, so we enjoy their kid ways now.  Owen's grin is unique!  He is four.  Taite is at that "super lean" stage but oh so agile and energetic.  Me and Andrea have a weakness for Yummy smelling natural soaps!
I think this man was making more money in the Market.  He had a great set up making Crepes! Pretty good prices.  Wish I knew what the Popey one consisted of.  I would like to go back someday....maybe earlier when it is not so hot.  I love Crepes! 
As we were leaving we spotted an Electric Car.  I imagine this is a sight we will see more and more as people choose these types of "Green Cars."  Pretty cool.
Back in the house, morning Taite demonstrated his hand stands!  Wow...he really is fearless.  I can truly say he is the first in our family to attempt this.
Technology is very much part of this family.  Reed has a selfie video that he delights in seeing over and over.  He recorded it himself too.  Oh...No!!! There is no getting away from technology.
Notice the Ipad in the background.   
Like all little boys, he does like his cars.  We played together with his Police car.  Hair does stick up!
Worked on my Granny Square blanket during my visit.  This has been a successful way of using my left over Acrylic yarn.  I really like the white border and learned how to do it from from Bunny Mummy.   The Solid Granny square was super easy and quick to work and you are only dealing with one color on each square.  Here is a You Tube tutorial.  I have been thinking of making one different granny every day for one year, but have not made up my mind yet.  I am really trying not to buy much yarn until we make the final move to our new house.
I have finished this square size blanket!   

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