Sunday, August 10, 2014

Puppets and Hulas!!

It was nice having a shorter drive to my daughter's house.  We enjoyed three days in the company of our sweet grandsons.  This is day 1  They are a J*O*Y and Sweet the only way boys can be.  On the first day, we decided to visit a few stores before dinner.  Luckily and very convenient too the school supply was nearby and it was up to my son in law to entertain the kids....and that he did.  He put together quite the puppet show.
Reed became attached to the hula ring....and he and I attempted conversation.  He really does try to put words together but I am not familiar with his language.  My daughter know exactly what he is saying.  He will be 2  this October.  
 Taite on the right seems amused as the Puppet show takes place and the Hula keeps Reed happy.  
We all enjoyed a delicious meal at one of Andrea's favorites: Olive Garden.  I thought the boys behaved super well and shared their beautiful smiles with me.
 Reed is  the master at making funny faces.  He is very much into pictures as you can see.
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