Monday, August 04, 2014

Exploring Farmer's Market in the Alley

On Thursday evening a small portion of the Farmer's Market moves from its Saturday location in downtown Aiken to what they call the Alley.  Quaint but very small indeed.  The weather was perfect for a stroll and a visit to the market.  It always feels good to support the local farmers.  The prices were not bad at all either.

Spotted just what I wanted at the very end of the alley!  My purchase included some of this amazing tomatoes, okra and green beans.  
We walked the streets of downtown Aiken and spotted an antique store loaded with treasures.  Kevin and I had fun trying on the vintage hats.  I did well not going after the nick knacks since I do not need to accumulate stuff again while living in the rental house. goodness did we have stuff to get rid of prior moving day.  Makes me want to become a minimalist.

I do have a saying ~ buy it if you need it.  The pitcher we ordered from Amazon came broken so I did purchase the cutest pitcher (reminds me a bit of my Fiesta pitcher) only this one has a lid and a stirring stick.  Cliff will be pleased to make his ice tea and store it in this one (stores just the right amount to drink fresh  tea) What do you think and it is red!! I love red in the kitchen.  Oh it has a plastic thing that screws to the top of the lid which you fill with water, freeze to keep your beverage chilled) Neat.  I made some Cinnamon green tea.
The Okra I made the next day turned delicious.  Super easy...go ahead and try it.  I even made the Garlic Hot Pepper Olive Oil as suggested by the recipe...but there is no need to do  this extra step.  No left overs left of this delicious and simple dish.  Click on the word here to follow the link.
The evening edition of the Aiken Farmer's Market ends at the end of August.  Read more information about the market...and stop by if you visit.  We are really having fun having Kevin around when we go on our excursions.

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