Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Home for the Next 6 months

Day 1 - Life in a Rental Home

We arrived today to our temporary home in Warrenville SC.  Sure felt strange and sad to leave our home in Charlotte where we had lived since 1987.
View from the dinning room looking into the great room.
Kevin was 4 when we moved in.  We took these 2 pictures early this morning and I just walked through each room wondering if I would cry. I didn't.  I told Kevin the family moving in will build some wonderful memories too.
We arrived before the movers.  I really was worth paying this company.
They arrived around 10 am and left around 1:30 pm.
I am having a hard time getting Cliff to sit down.  He does not like chaos.
He has already set up the mailbox.
Much of these boxes will remain unpacked in the garage. I am thankful for this space.
Boxes, boxes, boxes!!
Home Sweet Home!! In Howlandsville Rd.

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