Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hopeland Gardens

A year or so ago when we first visited Aiken I was smitten by the Hopeland Gardens.  I was happy to discover that they have been having Summer Concerts.  We attended the performance by Fabio & Friends and listened to some very nice Jazz. Still to come 4 more concerts this summer.  Yay!!
 Not sure if Cliff enjoyed this experience as much as I did....but he is a good guy.  He played with his phone and I got upset at him when he did not switch it to vibrate.  Men!!!
He made it through the one hour concert....he did want to leave as soon as he saw some people walking away.  Oh my goodness...what is his rush.  This place is a sanctuary...just look around and enjoy.  Kevin also came along on the eve of his birthday.  He turned 32 on the 29th.
 I love nature and this is one place that I know I will be visiting....time and time again.  It is so beautiful and serene.  Do click on the link to see more pictures.  Take a look at those Oak trees.  I immediately though of my grandson Taite who loves to climb trees.  These trees are hundreds of years old.
Be blessed because you are Loved!

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