Monday, January 16, 2012

Angry Bird Mania Craze

Every year I make hats for my grand kids.  I heard about the popular Angry Birds game sometime last year.  When you have grand kids you find out about these things.  So my daughter hinted that they would be thrilled if I made Angry Bird hats. 

I followed the instructions from Teresa.  Her crochet video tutorials are very helpful.  I do usually end up making changes.  Her hat pattern turned very large so I did make some modifications.  I also thought the beak was too large so I simply decreased  the amount of rounds.  I found a crochet beanie pattern for kids that worked out well using worsted weight acrylic yarn I Love This Yarn and hook H.
I also changed this pattern by adding ribbing which I  think provides a good fit for kids.
Let me mention that Angry Blue Bird from the game looks different.  I tried to make his with the red part under the eyes.  My daughter and the lady who ordered this Blue Bird did not like it I made him with gray angry eye brows.  Daughter said that the bird with the red under the eyes looked like he was on drugs.  
 I just finished these two yesterday and they will be shipped soon to another contact from my daughter's photography clients.  I have already made changes to the eyebrows so the birds don't look as super super angry..  These two are for 4 year old boys so I decreased the beak size and......
added a little fiberfill stuffing to the beak.
Sewing the beak is a bit tricky and it helps to get up close to the eyes.
Angry Black bird was received with much happiness by Laurie's kids.  Glad the boys liked them.
This is one of the first Angry bird hats I made for my grandson Taite.  Notice the beak is a bit larger and also flat.  Do add some fiberfill if you make one...L O L...Taite also got excited and stretched his hat.  He really wants to be an Angry Bird.

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