Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Crochet Projects

 I have been quite busy as I expected to be at this time of the year.  Shortly after I started working at my new location my coworkers fell in love with the Crocodile stitch neck warmer I made so the orders started pouring in.  I first saw this neat crochet stitch while browsing and pinning on Pinterest.  I was determined to learn and after watching a You Tube video over and over I succeeded.  The pattern itself is not hard to make but it is complicated to write...LOL.  I have made so many of these Crocodile stitch neck warmers that the pattern is in my head.

I made my neck warmers with the super soft acrylic yarn I Love this Yarn available from Hobby Lobby.  It's available in quite a variety of colors.  The wooden button came all the way from Singapore, purchased through an Etsy seller.

I learned the crocodile stitch by watching the Yarn Muse.  As I said I watched and watched so don't give up.  It is a very rewarding stitch to learn and works super fast!
I have also made quite a few fingerless mitts.  I did come up with the pattern myself which is in draft form. If you are fortunate to own a smart phone, these work great as they keep your finger exposed!  This was my first pair.  I did not work these using the single crochet chainless foundation which creates a better finish. The Zinnias I grew from the seeds a coworker gave me did wonderful.  I have already collected buds to save some seeds for next year.

The crochet flower is removable and it indicates which is the left and right mitt.  I have already changed the flower which is now smaller.
Some work in progress.  I got a request to make fingerless mitts for a young person who likes skulls.
We are enjoying  a wonderful Fall with mild temperatures here in Charlotte. Today I did noticed that quite a few of the leaves are gone signaling much cold weather is on its way. Speaking of fall I've also enjoyed cooking and baking with pumpkin.  I picked up a new [to me] and wonderful product from Trader Joe's which I tried this morning with some Neufchatel cheese. If you like Apple butter, you will like this one too.
Well, back to the works in progress and perhaps an episode of Dead Zone on NetFlix.

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