Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's a Heart....No it's a tomato

Mornings like this....The Roma tomatoes are yielding a bumper crop.  This morning before going to work I found a neat one.
...shaped like a heart.  This is the result of two Roma tomatoes fusing.
Heart Shape Tomato
It is wonderful to walk out in the garden every morning and see nature singing. This is a very tiny variety of a sunflower.  I bought a package of mixed sunflower varieties and only two plants sprouted.  That is why I'm saying it's a tiny sunflower measuring no more than an inch and a half.

Tiny Sunflower

Before blooming it looked like this:
Sunflower Variety
The Hens and Chics are doing much better than last year.
Hens & Chicks
 The Mandevilla took a while to bloom.
Mandevilla Vine {Year 2}
 Made me smile when it finally opened.
Mandevilla Bloom after the Rain
Coming soon:
Recipe to make Eggplant Rounds.
 Baked Eggplant Rounds

Enjoy the beauty of Nature.

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