Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our First Night out in Aviano

We took it easy our first Sunday since we were so tired after the long plane ride. Our nice dark rooms in the apartment were just right for a nice nap. We both did rest some, we had not slept at all in the plane. It's amazing how much a good night rest is needed.

Sunday evening Kevin drove us around Pordenone and Aviano, the two nearest towns to Aviano Air base. We stopped at a restaurant which had a fixed menu, that is for 12 euros all courses were included including the wine.

Hearty Bean soup, a salad and wine was just what I needed.

Kevin enjoyed a pasta dish, a meat dish and patata fritta (french fries minus ketchup) You don't get any ketchup in Italy.

I usually do not order desserts after a meal but I could pass this delicious Tiramisu.


We Settle in the Temporary Lodging Facility

Our home away from home in Aviano Air Base was very comfortable. The small apartment which is also part of the Mountain View Lodge was within walking distance of Kevin's dorm, the Commissary, the food court, the gym and the theater. The apartment was fully furnished so we were able to fix meals when we did not eat out. Each bedroom had a TV. Kevin brought some of his movies. He was surprised we had not seen Iron Man.

I really liked the sink drainer which was a eye level.

Full view of the kitchen


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arrival to Aviano Air Base October 5, 2008

The trip from the Marco Polo Airport to Aviano Air Base took just under an hour. As I said we pleaded with our son to slow down a bit on the autostrada. Thank you so much Kevin for driving us around.

The Air Base is located in Aviano very close to a portion of the Alps. This is a striking and beautiful facility which was established by Italy in 1911. Read about it the Wikepedia link. We stayed in the largest Area F also known as the Flight Line Area. We had access to the commissary, food court, movie theater, gym...etc...during our stay. Our small apartment was part of the Mountain View Lodge. I loved the sight of the mountains every morning. Our apartment was a short distance from Kevin's dorm. On this our first day we took it easy, getting familiar with the surroundings and walked to the commissary, post office, the movie theater and the food court. Admission to the matinee cost only $4.00 and $4.50 at night. During our stay we saw two movies: Hancock with Will Smith and Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

View of the temporary lodging facility where we stayed.

Ready to take a walk on a beautiful Sunday afternoon

View of the dorms

Smileycons!We had great weather every day. Temperatures were in the seventies on most days.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Italian Autostrada - A Speeder's Dream...Not Mine

We took the Autostrada from the Marco Polo Airport and exited at Pordenone a town about 15 minutes from the Aviano Air base.

There is no speed limit and to us it was a little scary. Cliff took a picture of Kevin's speedometer. We told him to slow down and he did to make us happy.

The video I found in You Tube will give you an idea on how fast people can go.

My Italy Trip - The Beginning

Our exciting adventure began on Saturday October 4, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. when my dear friend Connie picked us up to take us to the Airport. There is something so special about a friend picking you up and not having to worry about long term parking and parking fees. Connie you are a blessing, this really meant a lot to us. Our first destination to Atlanta left around 1 p.m. The next flight from Atlanta to Venice would take 10 hours. Most of this flight was at night and we did not sleep at all, due to the jet noise, people talking on the back constantly and the toilet noise. Our seats were at the very back of the plane. At some point in the night there was a commotion, I looked back and saw a lady laying on the floor. The doctors on board were called to help out. Turned out the lady's blood pressure rose and after giving her oxygen she was okay. We were both worn out but excited about meeting Kevin.
Waiting for our Venice flight in Atlanta

Me and Kevin at the Marco Polo Airport in Venice
It was so nice to see Kevin after almost a year.